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A leading consultant in the private investment space

Our Firm

Ozone Capital LLC is a consulting firm who assists sponsors in the rapidly changing private placement space. Many of these offerings entail tax incentives for a variety of government programs including the Opportunity Zone Program, Historic Tax Credits, PACE Energy. Federal and Local Film credits to name a few.

The Opportunity Zone Program

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

There are 8,764 eligible census tracts within the Opportunity Zone Program and thousands of projects searching for capital within these tracts. We help investors and sponsors in navigating this rapidly changing space. To speak with us please setup a time.

Private Equity

Private placements are an attractive option for business to raise capital when compared against public offerings.  They also offer investors the potential for attractive returns in the right deal.  We assist both issuers and investors in navigating this space.  To speak with us please setup a time.

Private Placements

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