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Opportunity Zones were created under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in an effort to stimulate economic development and job creation in low-income neighborhoods.  The capital that is being invested in these neighborhoods will have immense social benefits for generations.  Our role is to identify and verify Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) projects and help educate investors of the benefits for each project.  We are not a financial firm and are simply providing information of QOZ projects in addition to relevant information on the QOZ space.

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Our Vision

Opportunity Zones have the ability to change the economic landscape of these designated areas.  Whether it is new affordable housing or new businesses such as crypto currency mining or indoor growing facilities, opportunity zones can create needed jobs and facilitate the growth of existing or new businesses.  Our ability to vet these projects and connect investors to Fund sponsors will benefit these underfunded areas of the United States.


Wally Sullivan


John  (Wally) Sullivan has been a successful entrepreneur in the institutional financial space since 1993.  He has been involved in the founding, building, and selling of trading firms and platforms including Pulse Trading Inc. and the BlockCross ATS. He subsequently was CEO of Javelin Capital Markets (a derivative exchange) and is on the board of Northern Bank and Trust in Woburn, MA.

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Our Team

Opportunity Zones were born as an idea that both liberals and conservatives could love."  CNN

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Our philosophy at Ozone Capital Markets is to be the most educated firm on all aspects of QOZs to ensure our clients are well-informed before making any investment decisions.  While real estate deals dominate the QOZ space we are actively involved in many other projects with different return streams and correlations.  Our portfolio of deals makes us unique in the space.