Micro Datacenter Manufacturing Facility

Total Raise

Expected IRR

$200 million


Fund Overview

The Micro Datacenter Manufacturing Facility enables investors to gain direct and indirect exposure to discounted digital assets all within the OZ tax shelter. This is achieved by building and then deploying immersion cooled micro data centers throughout designated Opportunity Zones with renewable power sources. The core business involves leasing hashrate to crypto miners in return for multiple payment methods. In addition, the fund will take a minority stake in a Bitcoin mining company leveraging those services in keeping with OZ compliance rules.

The demand for edge data centers is growing exponentially driven by Bitcoin (BTC) mining, 5G networks and local cloud services. Investors will benefit from this explosive growth all while taking advantage of the most significant tax haven in US history.
Redivider has a strong management team led by Tom Frazier who has over 25 years telecom data center experience and nearly 10 years within the BTC space. Additional leaders include Justin Kennedy (experienced BTC miner), Eric Appelbomb (supply chain expert) and Adam Greenberg (real estate and local governance expert).

Fund Name

Micro Datacenter Manufacturing Facility

Micro Datacenter Manufacturing Facility