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Darwin Mine OZ Fund

Expected IRR 48.1%
Expected MOIC 10x+


Invest your SDIRA in this project.  Please use the following customized link.

U.S. Investors are faced with the threat of higher taxes, excessive money printing and inflation rates at 30-year highs. Relief does not appear likely, as supply chains continue to be strained globally and a tight labor market is forcing employers to raise wages. As investors scramble to reallocate their assets to inflation resistant investments, a potential solution is possible via the most significant capital gains tax haven in American history.

One example of an inflation hedged investment opportunity is the Darwin Mines OZ Project. Investors can participate in the reopening of one of the most storied and significant mining districts in the U.S. Located in California’s Inyo County, Darwin was America’s largest silver and strategic metals mining operation during WW1 and WW2. With its rich productive history, this area is the most papered patch of land indicating high grade metals and critical minerals in the country.


Multiple geologist reports indicate 100+ years of material still to mine, including significant Silver, Copper and Gold deposits. The 150 miles of existing tunnels will allow the tailings to be mixed with cement and put back underground as the ideal environmental solution.


Additionally, Darwin is expected to quickly become one of the largest Zinc producers as existing tunnels can be used to access high grade Zinc beds. Demand and prices for Zinc, especially liquid sulfates and oxides has dramatically increased for the agriculture and animal feed markets especially in CA. Zinc assisting the farming industry can be viewed as an additional investment hedge to clients.


The Darwin Mining district is family owned, fully permitted, has adequate water rights and ready to begin.  With local government support, this project certainly keeps to the spirit of the OZ program since it provides stimulus and jobs where they are needed most. If you like commodities as a potential inflation hedge, why not simultaneously take advantage of the most significant tax haven in U.S. history.


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