• Wally Sullivan

Micro Data Centers Expecting Huge Growth

A recent independent research report on micro data centers estimated the US market to grow to $17.6 billion in 2026 from $4 billion in 2020. The Redivider Blockchain OZ Fund is at the forefront of this market and is raising $250 million over the next quarter with a minimum investment of $250k. For more information please email us at

According to the report, "Edge computing is rapidly emerging as a technology innovation that can be widely adopted across industries. Edge meets local computing requirements as data is processed in micro-data centers. Applications that are process-intensive, involving advanced technologies like AI, ML and IoT, has and continues to witness rapid development. These applications consume huge loads of data for performing large scale algorithms, creating a strong demand growth scenario for localized data storage and computer network resources. IoT, IIoT and increased adoption of technologies like AI and ML are thus supporting strong growth of edge computing. Growing number of smart city initiatives in countries across the world is also promoting growth for edge computing. These initiatives are leading to increase in edge computing implementation by telecom companies, responsible for the deployment of the necessary networks."

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