• Wally Sullivan

Zinc Prices Surge

Updated: Nov 11

As evidence of the increasing fear of hyper-inflation, Zinc prices recently rose to a 14 year high of $3700 per ton. Zinc, which is essential to our agricultural industry, is in short supply due to energy issues in both Europe and China which are large producers. A recent conversation I had with Zinc suppliers have indicated that materials purchased by farmers have risen 60% in two years. This dynamic only increases the importance of new supply sources within the United States.

Investors should take a hard look at the Darwin Mine OZ Fund as Darwin is expected to quickly become one of the largest Zinc producers with an expected geological target of 15 million metric tons. Existing tunnels can be used to access high grade Zinc beds enabling a quick restarting of the mine. Darwin does not face the energy issues that exist globally therefore will be producing ore in Q1 2022.

The original Darwin Financials, which expect IRR's of near 50%, were produced months ago when Zinc was 40% lower than today's prices. Increases in commodity prices, new finds and expanding businesses are additional upside for current Darwin Mine OZ investors.

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