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Indoor Growing Facility

State of the art indoor growing facility which will produce healthy insecticide-free food while simultaneously eliminating millions of pounds of CO2 annually.

This single asset QOZ Fund is a proposed 983,844 square foot hydroponic greenhouse facility integrated with combined heat and power engines (“CHP”) to grow fresh, healthy, safe, and year-round local produce in the northeastern United States. The facility will be constructed in the City of Berlin, New Hampshire. The facility will include two approximately 10-acre greenhouses that will be divided by a central work hall that will contain office space, processing, packaging and testing facilities, and employee locker and break rooms. The CHP engines will be located in a specialized, sound-proof enclosure in the work hall. The site will contain two irrigation ponds and landscaped roadways.

Project Numbers

Expected MOIC of 4.76x

$28 million Raise

Projected IRR 27%

Project Gallery

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