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Micro Datacenter Manufacturing Facility

Opportunity for investors to take advantage of micro data centers and Bitcoin while leveraging OZ tax benefits.

The Micro Datacenter Manufacturing Facility Fund represents a unique investment that enables investors to gain exposure to two industries experiencing explosive growth while taking advantage of the OZ tax shelter. The demand for edge data centers is growing exponentially driven by crypto mining, 5G networks and local cloud services. Redivider will deploy micro data centers nationally which are expected to be built and deployed within 30 days. Investors will gain exposure to BTC via two methods: First, Redivider will be leasing hashrate computing to third parties where they are compensated by fees and BTC. Second, the Fund will invest 10% of its assets into an affiliated BTC miner which will acquire BTC for 65-90% cheaper than buying BTC directly. The 10% investment into the affiliated miner will enable the fund to stay in compliance with OZ tax rules.

Project Numbers

Expected MOIC of 11.8x

$250 million raise

Projected IRR 38%

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