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Self Directed IRA

Self-directed IRAs give you the freedom and choice of how to invest your hard-saved dollars. Traditional company sponsored retirement vehicles are heavily dominated by stocks and bonds.  This leaves investors limited choices when facing challenging market conditions such as today.  Investors do not have access to the types of investment strategies that can hedge against large market downturns.  Whether you believe farming, metals or digital currencies is the best hedge against hyper-inflation, private equity vehicles offer vehicles that are not available in traditional IRA's.


Self-directed IRA’s (SDIRA) allow investors to select private investments that are not allowed under traditional company sponsored plans. All of the investments listed below are able to accept funds from SDIRA.  For more information on how to move money into these strategies please contact us at

How to Open a SDIRA

1. Choose your Self Directed IRA Provider and account type you wish to open. We recommend choosing an experienced provider who offers a wide variety of investment options, understands alternative investments and offers great client service.  

2. Review the investment options and select the most optimal investment based on your investment horizon and risk tolerance.  

3. Complete all paperwork necessary for your IRA provider and investment option and fund your account.

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Darwin Metals and Mining 

The Darwin Metals and Mining Fund allows investors to gain access to commodities in a time when inflation is growing faster than anytime in the last 30 years and China is limiting the amount of foreign investment as they protect their natural resources. This Fund has a minimum investment of $200,000 and based on management estimates is expected to produce an IRR of 40+% for the next ten years.



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Cleveland Rocks

This project represents a unique opportunity to transform a key underutilized asset in Cleveland’s core are into a world class facility that will drive the next generation of innovators, and make Cleveland a major technology hub.  The project has a above market-return,  low-risk, and very high impact profile. Making it a great way for individuals to support projects that matter.             

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Edison Park Mixed Use RE

The Edison Park Fund (“Edison Park”) is located on a 23-acre site in Manchester, CT.  The project includes a 270,00 square foot multi-family community with 141 one-bedroom units, 72 two-bedroom units, and 110,000 square feet of office and retail space. The community will be part of a larger mixed-use development known as Edison Park. And it will have the lowest carbon footprint of any comparable mixed-use development in the United States.


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Riverwalk Hotel Fund

The IconicOZ Arista Fund LLC (“Arista Hotel”) is located in San Antonio, TX. The project is a 112 room 8-story new construction hotel along the Riverwalk in Downtown San Antonio, TX. The property was previously a Marriot branded hotel which will be raised and branded the Arista Hotel. The estimated total project cost is $32.1 million or $286k per room. In addition to the 112 rooms, the Arista Hotel will feature a bar and restaurant, lounge, café and 2700 sq. ft. of meeting space. 

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