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Investment Ideas and Thoughts

The Opportunity Zone Program and private investment space is growing at an exponential pace. The ease of creating exempt offerings has led to a flurry of new deals searching for capital. These offerings span all areas of real estate and operating businesses across all industries. 

In 2022 alone, there were over 20,000 new offerings. While many of these deals have the ability to produce outsized returns, these offerings are often illiquid and startup businesses thus creating additional risk for investors.

Our thoughts and ideas include our thesis of different areas of the market that are raising capital in the private space. We also provide a weekly blog of the most important articles and news for investors.

These are not recommendations for investment and any decision to invest in any Fund or industry should be done with careful due diligence and expert financial, legal and tax advice.

Critical Minerals - September 2023

As the world seeks to transition to renewable energies, the demand for critical minerals has spiked. Many of these minerals are in short supply or mainly located in countries without strong diplomatic ties to Washington.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture - August 2023

The United States is facing food security issues due to a legacy supply chain that is evolving in a manner that will make fresh produce unaffordable to the masses. Most fresh produce is grown west of the Rocky Mountains. 

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